Seven Best Treks For Winter Season In Himachal

Seven Best Treks For Winter Season In Himachal

An overview

Winter can be enjoyed in numerous ways. Other than warming your hands by the bonfire or drinking hot chocolate. What better way to enjoy your hot chocolate amid the snow-capped mountains that are outside your tent. Host an awesome bonfire party or celebration in the Himalayan Mountains? Sounds crazy but fun right?

Here are some of the most thrilling winter trekking routes within Himachal Pradesh which will make your winter getaway thrilling and exciting.

Kinnaur Kailash trek

In the Kinnaur Valley of Himachal Pradesh area of India, Mount Kinner Kailash (6050 m) is listed as being one of five mountain Kailash. The area is believed to be the residence of Lord Shiva from where he oversees the Universe.

  • There was a Parikrama to this holy area which was approximately 200kms.
  • At present, the route has been halted to ensure the safety of travelers.
  • It is believed that according to mythological beliefs states that it’s the home of Lord Shiva.
  • It is the place in which he resided with his wife Parvati.
  • Mount Kinner Kailash has a significant historic, mythological, and religious significance.
  • People who are devoted to Lord Shiva come to Mount Kinner Kailash for performing its Parikrama.
  • It is among the most enjoyable winter hikes within Himachal Pradesh especially for Shiva devotees.

Hampta Pass

Another winter hike located in Himachal Pradesh, it’s an essentially waterway valley trek which takes you to the pass by following Hampta nallah (a feeder of Beas River) in the middle of the green Kullu valley. When you descend from the pass, you are in addition to following a stream valley. It is a feeder of Chandra River.

  • It’s a different scene that is unproductive or rough Lahaul.
  • Scenes shift in distinct ways as if you were walking along the Hampta Pass journeying trail.
  • There isn’t a single negative design in the route that is compensated by the wealth of everyday beauty.
  • It is sure to overwhelm you on every diverting point of the trip.
  • The entire route that makes up this Hampta Pass journey is speckled with everything you could imagine seeing when you go on a journey.
  • It is among the most famous trekking routes that you can do in Himachal Pradesh.
  • One should go through this at least once in their lifetime.

Bhaba Pass trek

Another excellent trek in Himachal Pradesh. The places to travel within Himachal are numerous but the Bhaba pass trek is, by all accounts, the most spectacular of them all, which starts at Shimla and ends in Manali. Travelers who reach the top of the journey can enjoy stunning views and also get a short glimpse of iconic Pin Parvati pass.

  • Take a trip to one of the most bizarre accommodation options in Himachal.
  • If they arrive at Bhaba Pass, which is located at Bhaba Pass
  • Travelers can relax in the captivating view of the Pin valley.
  • It is covered in various shades of pink. It is a stunning view.
  • Bhaba Pass Trek is additionally famous for its stunning camping sites in Phutsirang Mulling and Khara.

Kuari Pass trek

Kuari Pass is one of the Himalayan treks that is simple to moderate and can be completed by novices. Tips for winter: There is another reason to be interested. The snow, in its flawlessly made backwoods. Snow chips chomping the Oak leaf over the white-skinned timberland floor will take you to the area that could give Santa Claus envy. This gives you an unparalleled winter adventure at the foothills of the Himalayas!

  • One of the best adventures to see the beautiful Himalayan pinnacles.
  • The most spectacular you can see is on the mountain Dronagiri.
  • Also, you can have brief glimpses at the mountain Nandadevi.
  • In the event that you plan to go on this trek in March, you’ll see a lot of snow and beautiful views of snow broken tops.
  • Treak is said to be the best of fledglings.
  • I’ll state that it’s with a moderate rating, based on what you decide to do with it.
  • In the end, you’ll really be able to appreciate it.

Nag Tibba trek

Nag Tibba Trek is regarded to be among the best trekking routes in Himachal Pradesh especially during winters. It takes two days to complete this trek, which makes it perfect for the last day of the week. It also attracts experienced lovers from across the nation and around the world. After a rough start, and following a trail for many hours, this trek is a journey through the beauty to Oak as well as Rhododendron trees. Winter treks from Nag Tibba welcome you with stunning snowflakes all over.

  • Nag Tibba trekking is on the top of the list of Winter treks to Himachal Pradesh.
  • It is a trek that covers a distance of 16 km in two days.
  • It means you’ll travel the equivalent of 8 km over a period of more than six hours over each day.
  • The small distance, along with the highest elevation of 9,914 feet above MSL.
  • It is what makes the Nag Tibba trek suitable for beginners.


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