Pin Parvati trek: The weather guide

Pin Parvati trek: The weather guide


In today’s world trekking has become one of the most popular and efficient ways of relieving oneself from this busy and stressful life and having a peaceful time with mother nature around us. So today I will be giving you a complete weather guide for one of the famous trekking destinations of India.


The Pin parvati pass is a Mountain pass in Himachal Pradesh at a height of 5319m which acts as an alternative route to Spiti valley. It is one of the most challenging and thrilling treks in India.

How to reach Pin Parvati trek:

As this Pin Parvati trek is one of the most challenging trek in India, therefore it is quite popular among trekkers.There are a numerous ways to reach this pass:

Reaching by road:

There are a number of ways to reach the base of Pin parvati trek :

  1. You can reach Manali directly from Delhi through a bus. It takes almost 14 hours for journey completion.
  2. The second and best option is to take a bus from Chandigarh to Manali. This journey would be more comfortable as it would take almost 10 hours for the journey completion.

Reaching by air:

You can take a flight to Bhuntar airport which is the nearest one to Manali. From there, Manali is only a few hours away and you can help yourselves with any means of transport for reaching Manali.

Reaching by railways:

The nearest railway station to Manali is in Pathankot which is about 300 kms away from it. From there, you can travel in a bus to Manali for an overnight journey.

Difficulty of the trek:

Although Pin Parvati trek is a very interesting trek, if you compare it in scale, then it can be regarded as a rather difficult trek. People may face the following challenges while trekking in the Pin Parvati Pass-


These are the cracks on the surface of the glaciers which often get covered up due to snowfall. So trekkers rope up themselves when walking on such glaciers.

High altitude health hazards

The maximum altitude of Pin Parvati trek is approximately 5300m which is higher than the peaks of some mountains.So there is a high chance of being sick due to these altitudes.

Remote terrain areas

During your trek you will not find any villages or people until Kaza so it is very important for you to understand that you are basically on your own during the trek. In case you fall ill or get injured, then you will only be the one to help yourselves.

Dangerous river crossings

Boulder bridges

Following are the challenges a person would face while trekking in the Pin Parvati pass. So you must make sure that you are physically as well as mentally fit for trekking here.

Guide about the weather:

Weather in January:

This month is one of the coldest months in the pin parvati valley. The temperature in lower regions is around 0-6 degrees during the day but it definitely reaches below zero during night time. However in the upper regions the temperature is always below zero.

Weather in February:

The snow fall still continues in the month of february here.The average temperature is around 1 to 8 degrees.

Weather in March:

If you want to see snow during your trek to Pin Parvati trek , then this is the best time to go. The snow that falls during January and February closes the path for trekking so during March when it has stopped snow falling then you can go for a winter trek to Pin parvati valley.

Weather in April:

This is the time for spring season in the Pin Parvati valley. The flora of the region is starting to bloom and most of the ice ismet by now. You will experience the lush green patches of grass during your trek in this season. The temperature varies from 7 to 15 degrees during this time.

Weather in May:

This is the best time to go on a trek to pin parvati. The temperature is around 20 degrees so it is the best time to go if you have a family with you.

Weather in June:

Both the months of May and June are the peak seasons for trekking but are also the most expensive ones. So keep the budget in mind while trekking in these months.

Weather in July-august:

This is the season which will allow you to experience the best form of flora but also has the risk of natural calamities like landslides. So keep this risk in mind if you are trekking during this season.

Weather in September- October:

This is one of my favourite times to trek in Pin Parvati valley as the monsoon would be over but the greenery of the region would be intact. During October , the autumn season will come that also leaves its own beauty in the flora of the region.

Weather in November-December:

This is the Least recommended season to trek on The Pin Parvati hills as during this time, the winter season starts and the flora of the region is very dull and energyless. During This time there is a chance that the trek paths may be closed due to snowfall.


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