Banner Stand Design – Top Considerations for Adding Zing to Your Trade Fair Participation 

Banner Stand Design – Top Considerations for Adding Zing to Your Trade Fair Participation


If you regularly participate in trade fairs and exhibitions to promote your business and network with peers, you will know how important it is to put on a good show. You can make your booth more attractive by strategically placing retractable banners. You can also use these banners to boost your brand image in the various conferences, workshops, and seminars that the trade fair organizers conduct. When designed, printed, and placed well, roll-up banners project your business and brand professionally and credibly. You must get the banner stand design correct to get the maximum benefit from a trade fair participation. Some insights:

Adopt a Minimalist Design

The most important thing for maximizing the impact of a banner stand is to keep the design simple. Even though it may be gratifying to come up with a complicated design, you must appreciate that people are more interested in getting the information that is valuable to them. Since people don’t like to read masses of text, you should keep it simple, direct, and unambiguous so that your banner stand is easy to read, understand, and act on. You should limit the text to a maximum of 10-15 words even if you have lots to say. It is always better to focus on just one thing for better conversions

Be Bright but Not Garish

One of the most important things your banner stands need to do is to grab the attention of trade fair attendees. However, even though people may suggest using the brightest possible colors to cut through the clutter, you need to choose your color palette with care. A well-thought-out color scheme will not only look more professional but will add to the credibility of your business and brand. Ideally, you should borrow colors from your brand or business logo for the best synergy. It is no secret that colors can influence people psychologically, and you can convey the emotions you want with the right color selection. When you are fighting a sea of banners at a trade show, you can achieve better noticeability with a carefully-selected color scheme instead of a hotchpotch of garish colors.

Focus on Quick and Easy Communication 

It is a good idea to use images in your banner as they serve to grab attention even from far. However, you must make sure that they are relevant, interesting, and high-resolution. Low-quality pictures lack detail, according to Smartframe, and do not reproduce well when printed and can make your business look unprofessional. Use one large image rather than a mix of several small ones to act as a focal point. Keep the text brief and easy to understand, and use typefaces that are simple and facilitate quick reading. You must also make sure that the font size is large enough for people to read the banners from a distance of at least 10 feet.


Banner stand design that takes into consideration the profile of the audience gets more results. Figure out the demographics of your visitors and use them to influence your choice of colors, language, and design. Above all, ensure that your message is easily readable by a distracted audience on the move.


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