Ace Your Makeup Game! Get 30% Off on These Must Have Makeup Products

Makeup is something everyone has different relationships with. While some people are professionals, many are still stuck in the newbie phase for many reasons. Often at the top of this list is how makeup from top brands is notorious for being very expensive, making buying makeup an intimidating process. Makeup brushes, palettes, eye makeup and more all add up to quite the amount, but if this is something that keeps you from spending on makeup products, too, you needn’t worry anymore! Myntra’s End of Reason Sale is here to give you maximum freedom to buy all your favourite products.

Various collections of high-end makeup products have been put up for sale with Myntra EORS, and you’re free to take advantage of the different discounts. With Myntra’s EORS 2021, you will not have to think twice before spending on your favourite products. Here are the different options you can avail your discount with:

  • Makeup Brushes: A makeup kit is simply incomplete without all the right makeup brushes. If you want to do an excellent job with your look, definitely put makeup brushes to use, as not using them will just give you a sloppy finish. You can buy different makeup brushes on Myntra individually like duo fibre face brush, eyeliner brush, contour brush, blush brush, blending brush and more. You can also go for whole makeup brush sets to get the complete pack.
  • Lipstick: Another makeup essential, having a few lipstick shades in your collection helps upgrade the entirety of it. Look at the shades available from top brands like Lakme, Incolor, Sugar Cosmetics, Maybelline, etc. You can go for liquid, crayons, sticks, and more in either gloss or matte finish as per your tastes. Stock up on at least a few bold shades, a few nudes and some neutrals to have the basics.
  • Foundation: Your foundation is perhaps the essential makeup product in your kit as it provides the base layer for your look. Liquid foundation is available on Myntra with an oil-free and vitamin E nourished formula that gives a lightweight, matte finish. The creamy formula is easy to apply and carry throughout the day.
  • Eye Kits: The thinnest layer of kajal or eyeliner makes a massive difference to any look, so don’t forget to buy eye kits at discounted prices. Highly pigmented to give you a rich, intense look, these eye makeup products are perfect for every makeup look – from simple to glam. This also includes mascara to lift your lashes and make your eyes look bigger.
  • Nail Polish: When you spend time doing a full face of makeup, leaving your nails bare makes the look feel incomplete. Check out Myntra’s range of long-lasting, easy finish nail paints in countless colours.

If you feel like expanding your collection, Myntra also features products like makeup palettes, primers, mousses, beauty kits with personal care products and more. High-end products with such heavy discounts is an opportunity too good to let go of, start shopping! These must-have makeup products are more than enough to change your makeup game.




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