6 Trends to Try This Summer, According to Stylists and Fashion Experts

6 Trends to Try This Summer, According to Stylists and Fashion Experts

As the temperature rises, so does the urgency to replace any remaining cold-weather essentials with warmer garments such as shorts, tank tops, and skirts with a looser fit. However, you are aware, just as well as we are, that summer wardrobes do not simply consist of timelessly necessary pieces of clothing. What else should we have in our closets to keep us calm this season? What are the most noteworthy fashion trends for summer 2022, and which ones best reflect our sense of style? For fashion and style, you must know about the Difference Between Jeans and Chinos.

Weddings that had been delayed in the past are now scheduled to take place during the summer of 2022, which guarantees that it will be a very active season full of beach outings, bottomless brunches, and weddings that were previously postponed. Naturally, you’ll want to ensure that your closet is well-stocked with going-out outfits that are appropriate for every occasion. Incorporating some of the summer’s biggest trends into your ensemble will give it a little extra.

To determine which pieces of clothing, accessories, and aesthetics were worthy of adopting for 2022, we contacted fashion industry professionals and outstanding stylists and asked them to share their choices.

Say Yes to Daytime Sparkles

Shea Daspin, a fashion stylist based in New York City, believes that embellishments will be giant for summer 2022. She claims that daytime sparkles are pretty high on her priority list.

According to Daspin, who spoke to InStyle about 2022 fashion, “nothing shouts ‘I’m still alive!’ in 2022 more than a daily celebration of life sprinkling sparkles whenever you can.” “The Tarina Tarantino, Laser Kitten, and Doll Chunk accessories are among my favorites. When it comes to apparel, I’m interested in anything that has rhinestones, sequins, lamé, or holograms on it. The stakes have been significantly raised due to the actions of Amy Lynn, Collina Strada, and LaQuan Smith.”

Bring On the Beading

In keeping with the topic of ornamentation, Daspin states that she has no problem with anything that resembles a DIY project, mainly if the garment in question contains beadwork.

Daspin gushes, “I like everything that Shop Sweet Bead or Susan Alexandra has to offer.” Anything bright, vibrant, and created with love is at the top of my list, including handbags, apparel, and home décor.

Slip On Those Platform Heels

This summer, Cindy Conroy, celebrity stylist to the stars, predict that Y2K-era trends will be all about the platform heel in 2022.

According to Conroy, “[Platforms] is a friend to both short and tall females, giving you immediately extended, toned legs.” “In Summer 2022, everything revolves around the platform, and I’m all in! Because I’m a short girl, this is a must for me.”

Accessorize with Silk Scarves

Lindsey Dupuis, a celebrity stylist, tells InStyle that she’s been waiting impatiently for the silk scarf trend to return since her catholic school days when she’d wrap this item over her hair.

Because of this, Dupuis says he could express himself a little more freely during a time when there weren’t many options for dressing up. It doesn’t matter how you wear them; they can go around your neck, in your hair, or even through the loops of your belt.

Reach for Bright Colors

We have excellent news for those tired of earth tones: As we move into dopamine dressing, personal stylist Victoria Havlik thinks bright colors will be all the rage this season.

If you’re not a fan of bright colors, you may always go with something pastel. It’s crucial, says Havlik, to pick colors that energize and uplift you. Whether it’s a monochromatic outfit with your signature hue or a neutral color, “hot pink, brilliant red, cobalt blue, orange, and yellow are going to explode this summer,” she says in an interview with Instyle.

“Adding pastels to your summer wardrobe is a terrific way to bring in shades like baby blue, lavender, pink, and sage green. Add a touch of elegance to your outfit by accessorizing with gold jewelry.”

Show Some Skin in a Crop Top

Stylist Liz Teich (also known as The New York Stylist) is most thrilled about crop tops out of all the skin-baring trends to try. To Teich, “crop tops can work on every body type and age if done well,” InStyle reports. When it comes to pants or skirts, high-waisted ones “may provide more form, and the sliver of the flesh is just the correct amount without needing to disclose too much.”

“A low-waisted skirt or pair of pants will be all the rage this season. This season, I’ve been advising my customers to wear matching sets with crop tops to get a more elevated appearance.”


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